Barack Obama’s Limousine Malfunctioned after Being Filled with Diesel Instead of Gas

Israel – Obama’s presidential limousine, nicknamed “the Beast” malfunctioned while waiting for the president to arrive to Jerusalem. First reports claimed it was because it was filled with Diesel instead of gas. Other sources claimed it was filled with gas instead of diesel. However, Secret Services say it had nothing to do with fuel. The official Secret Services spokesman, Ed Donovan said, “The appropriate gas was put in the car.”

Local official approved the initial guess why the limousine broke down and announced it publicly. The Secret Service did not waive the claim. News reported, the Beast runs on unleaded gasoline and does not have a diesel engine. On the other hand, the limousine is build on Chevrolet Kodiak chassis, which indeed runs only on the diesel fuel. This is where the controversy stepped in place.

The limo did not start and required towing services. Meanwhile, the press reported that the issue was caused by a mistake in gas type.

Now though, the Secret Service affirms the diagnostics are still ongoing. However, they deny that the car was mistakenly filled with wrong gas.

Was it or was it not, we can never know. One thing for sure, the media never tells the truth and there are many mysteries surrounding “the Beast”. The limousine is made special for Barack Obama, is bullet proof and weighs 8 tons.
After the Beast was towed, a second limousine was brought to replace the presidential limo. “The car just didn’t start. We are not sure what caused it”, Donovan told a reporter. “We always bring more than one limousine just in case something like this happens”.

It is the first time that the Beast malfunctioned on a Presidents foreign trip. Thankfully, there are many copies of the limousine, which are used to replace the main limousine in similar situations. The copy limos look just like the beast, so it is extremely hard to distinguish between the real one and the replacement. After all, we don’t even know if the limousine that broke down was the real beast of just a copy of it.

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