Chicago Regional Transportation Authority Chairman Apologizes calling “Paratransit” a Limo Service

Chicago, IL – John Gates, the chairman of Chicago Regional Transportation Authority publicly apologized calling paratransit transportation services “Chicago limo service” and “limousine service in Chicago”.

A bus at the stop picking up people in Chicago
Public Transportation Stop

RTA chairman used ta therm “limo” while describing to Daily Herald his agency’s Chicago transportation services for disabled people. Ans so ever since, Chicago Regional Transportation Authority has received multiple complaints from its users.

Some disabled users claim “paratransit is hardly a limousine service” or “very often, it takes longer to get from your house to your destination with RTA than in a private car because the rides are shared with many people and more than one person is riding paratransit van to get around”.

A blind woman, who uses paratransit to get around Chicago on daily basis tells “No way this is a limo service level transportation. The rides are rarely on time, we have to share the van with many other people and I they sometimes miss their stops so I’m forced to ride untill the van comes to my stop again”.

Even thought paratransit is no limousine service, it provides a great value for people with disabilities. Many people use it to get to work and come back, so they could support themselves. They also go to schools, shopping and visit their relatives. The transportation is extremely important, and what’s even more important – it must be reliable.

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