Chicago Regional Transportation Authority Chairman Apologizes calling “Paratransit” a Limo Service

Chicago, IL – John Gates, the chairman of Chicago Regional Transportation Authority publicly apologized calling paratransit transportation services “Chicago limo service” and “limousine service in Chicago”. Public Transportation Stop RTA chairman used ta therm “limo” while describing to Daily Herald his agency’s Chicago transportation services for disabled people. Ans so ever since, Chicago Regional Transportation […] Continue reading →

Typical Chicago Limo Rates

Piggy Bank for saving money There are two types of limo prices: ones are based on hours of service, the other ones are flat rates for the point to point transportation. Unlike taxis, shuttles, or other types of ground transportation, Chicago limo services do not base their rates on miles or number of passengers. No matter how many people the […] Continue reading →

Chauffeur Tips

Being an independent Chicago limo service provider, we put the quality above everything else. We train our drivers to be at their best shape all time. A driver that exceeds customer’s expectations is always rewarded and encouraged to perform the same way in the future. That is why we appreciate any feedback form our customers. A good […] Continue reading →

Our Specialty – Group Transportation

As Chicago’s leading limo service provider, Elite Chicago limo has deep experience in transporting big groups of people. Corporate groups For executive corporate transportation we offer limo buses up to 26-28 passengers. It is a convenient way to travel and arrive together. Also, our limo buses offer the possibility to enter the Chicago’s biggest airports. […] Continue reading →